About More Than Lipstick

As I began the journey writing my book, I had no idea where this path would take me. The day I heard The Lord ask me to share my most intimate time with Him, I resisted and explained to Him that I did not write those types of books. My focus was on how to help people navigate social interactions. No matter how much I protested, He was consistent – and then, silent. He was waiting to see if I would follow His plan and not my own.

It was never my plan to expose my heart so completely. However, He overruled my fears and doubts, and clearly spoke to my heart. This, without question, was the next step He had for me.

As I obediently walked this new road, the response was overwhelming. Requests came in from all over the country, and I began to see the impact of this message on women from diverse cultures, of all ages, and denominations.

The More Than Lipstick Book, Bible Study and other products are born out of a desire to go deeper into relationship with God. As we begin to study His Word, we discover more of how He sees us, His beautiful daughters. As women, we struggle with many issues, and one is the subject of beauty. The impossible image the media portrays as perfect beauty causes continual self-examination, and we are always on the losing side. The constant dieting, plastic surgery, botox, bigger this, smaller that, brings a sense of unending dissatisfaction.

I have lived in the world of dissatisfaction and low self-esteem. My walk with Christ has taken many twists and turns, yet the one constant has always and forever been His unchanging love for me—the real, unvarnished me!

As you take this journey with me through the pages of the More Than Lipstick book and the More Than Lipstick Bible Study, I pray you will feel challenged, uplifted, encouraged and ever closer to your Lord.

With kindness,

Deborah King